What is the Best Dehumidifier for your Bathroom?

​Excess humidity in the air can negatively impact on your health because it tends to increase the presence of allergens such as dust, mould and bacteria in the air. Humid air also puts your home’s interiors at the risk of damage from damp patches.

A dehumidifier is an effective tool for combating these problems, and it is a good idea to place this device in an area that usually has high levels of humidity, such as your bathroom. Wondering what is the best dehumidifier for your bathroom? The guide below will help.


What is the Best Dehumidifier for Your Bathroom?

To help you to choose the best dehumidifying device for you, here are four popular options, all of which can be purchased online.

Duronic DH05 Dehumidifier

Duronic DH05 Mini Dehumidifier - Compact Black 500ml Portable Air Dehumidifier for Mould/Damp and Moisture Remover - Perfect for Small Rooms and Spaces in Home | School | Work | Caravan | Garrage
  • The Duronic DH05 mini dehumidifier is ideal for small rooms and small spaces of size 15m² in your home or office. Room and spaces can be a bedroom, cupboard, utility room, garage, etc. This is an ideal dehumidifier for tackling mould, damp and moisture in small spaces.
  • 500ml Water tank is provided so you do not need to empty the tank every day – up to 250ml daily water collecting capacity - Visible water level compartment so you can always keep this in view.
  • Auto switches OFF when tank is full with a light indicator so there is no energy or electricity being wasted - 1 speed setting which operates quietly, without disturbing anyone.
  • 22.5W power motor is used to get the unit working at optimum level so its not using too little or too much electricity. Includes adaptor so there is no need to replace batteries.
  • Small compact size: 15.4 x 14.5 x 22cm so you can easily use the unit on a shelf or a flat platform without taking much space. Even when not in use you can be reassured that it won’t take too much storage space.

The Duronic DH05 is a sleek, black dehumidifier and ideal for smaller bathrooms and shower rooms. It can remove a maximum of 250 ml of water from the air per day, but if you empty it a few times a day, you can double or triple that amount. As the total capacity of the tank is 500 ml, you can also leave this device running for at least two days before you need to empty it, thus reducing the amount of hassle involved.

What We Liked...

  • Good for tackling mould
  • Suitable for smaller spaces (up to 15 square metres)
  • Chic Aesthetic
  • Nice and compact (15.4 x 13 x 22cm)
  • Portable, so can be taken with you on holiday for use in a caravan or hotel room
  • Motor designed to optimise electricity saving

What We Didn't Like

  • Not suitable for larger bathrooms
  • Does not run totally silently
  • Very humid conditions will mean that this device needs to be emptied fairly frequently

Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze® 1500ml Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Caravan, Office, Garage
  • Removes moisture: perfect for removing damp, mould and moisture from your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, caravan, garage or basement
  • Small & compact: lightweight, compact and portable - Capable of removing up to 500ml of moisture per day with a 1500ml water tank capacity
  • Ultra-quiet & efficient: thermo-electric Peltier technology (no compressor needed) allows for whisper quiet operation making it great for use in bedrooms and offices
  • Auto shut off: designed with an auto shut off function, which will activate when the water tank is full and let you know when it needs draining. Simply empty the water tank with the easy-to-use outlet and place it back into the dehumidifier
  • Allergy relief: helps to improve air quality By removing mould spores and dust mites which are common triggers for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems

The Pro Breeze is a ultra quiet compact portable dehumidifier that is ideal for smaller rooms like bathrooms. It can remove a maximum of 500 ml of water from the air per day. As the total capacity of the tank is 1500 ml, you can also leave this device running for a few days and it has a handy auto shut off function which activates when the tank is full.

What We Liked...

  • Helps to improve air quality by removing spores and dust mites.
  • Small lightweight portable and compact.
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Perfect for Bathroom

What We Didn't Like

  • Not suitable for larger bathrooms
  • Transformer can get very hot indeed.
  • Emptying the tank can be a little fiddly.

Pro Breeze® 20L/Day Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze® 20L/Day Dehumidifier with Digital Humidity Display, Sleep Mode, Continuous Drainage, Laundry Drying and 24 Hour Timer - Ideal for Damp and Condensation
  • 20 LITRES PER DAY: Removes up to 20 Litres of water per day with low energy consumption. Ideal for damp, mould and moisture in homes, basements and bathrooms suffering from damp and humid conditions
  • LARGE WATER TANK: 5.5L water tank automatically shuts off when full, with a continuous drainage hose included for long-term use and 4 wheels for easy portability between rooms
  • DIGITAL LED DISPLAY: Digital LED screen displays current room humidity level and allows you to control 4 dehumidification modes including laundry mode, auto-defrost, child lock and fan only
  • AUTOMATIC HUMIDITY SENSOR: The built-in humidity sensor allows you to set your desired room humidity between 30%-80%. Once this level is reached, the unit will turn off to conserve energy
  • 24 HOUR TIMER: A built-in timer timers allows you to schedule the dehumidifier to turn on or off during the day with a convenient ‘sleep display’ to ensure a peaceful, undisturbed night

The Pro Breeze 20L/Day is a bigger unit and perfect for larger bathrooms suffering from damp and humid conditions. It can remove a maximum of 20 Liters a day of water from the air per day, but with low energy consumption. 

What We Liked...

  • Large Water Tank
  • Digital LED Display displays current humidity
  • Better for bigger Rooms
  • 24 Hour Timer

What We Didn't Like

  • Can be Noisy
  • The drainage hose is quite short
  • Some people have reported that the touch buttons can stick

Inventor 1 Care Dehumidifier

Care12L Portable Dehumidifier with Silent Mode, Digital Control Panel, Continuous Dehumidification, Auto Restart, with 2-Year Warranty,
  • 12L/day moisture removal. Modern Design and Low Energy consumption.
  • Silent Mode, Auto Restart, 24h Timer, Auto Defrost, Continuous Dehumidification and Continuous Drainage
  • Digital Control Panel with room and desired humidity indication. Desired humidity range (35%-85%)
  • 2L Water Tank with full water protection and window indicating the water level
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

The Inventor 1 Care 12L Dehumidifier has a modern compact design with low energy consumption. This dehumidifier has a 2L Water Tanks with full water protection and window indicating water level with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

What We Liked...

  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Silent Mode
  • Digital Control Panel with Desired Humidity Range
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • 24 Hour Timer

What We Didn't Like

  • Some reports that the fan can be quite noisy
  • Emptying the tank can be messy
  • Lots of loud beeps that can wake you when the tank is full

Houzetek 600ml Compact Dehumidifier

The Houzetek Compact Dehumidifier has a water tank capacity of 600ml with 300ml per day capacity. With a Ultra Low noise working at just 35DB and for its smaller size can cover upto 15 square meters perfect for a bathroom.

What We Liked...

  • Adapts ultrasonic technology with no compressor making no annoying noise
  • Full Tank auto off
  • Covers a large area of upto 15 square meters
  • Portable, Small and Powerful

What We Didn't Like

  • Not suitable for larger bathrooms
  • Short Power Lead

Why a dehumidifier can be a valuable device to have in your home

There are several reasons why a dehumidifier can enhance your enjoyment of your living space. Below are four key advantages to purchasing a bathroom dehumidifier.

  • Antimicrobial properties: bacteria that can harm your respiratory system thrive in more humid environments. Using a bathroom dehumidifier thus helps to keep the air that you breathe germ free. This informational video explains more about the link between humidity and airborne sickness.
  • Anti damp properties: damp patches on walls, ceilings and floors can develop in humid rooms. These can be unsightly and, if left untreated, can threaten the stability of your home interiors, causing wallpaper to soak away, floorboards to rot and plaster ceilings to sag.
  • Hypoallergenic properties: your dehumidifier will also cleanse the air of common allergens such as pollen. Buildings that have accrued allergens are sometimes referred to as suffering from ‘sick building syndrome’. More information can be found here.
  • Protecting your home against infestation: dark, humid environments attract infestations from arthropods (such as cockroaches) and other undesirable creatures.

Why a dehumidifier can be a valuable device to have in your home

The health benefits of a dehumidifier are clear, but not all dehumidifiers are the same. Here are some of the key features of dehumidifiers that it is a good idea to bear in mind before you make a purchase:​

  • Size: do you need a super compact dehumidifier that can fit int a corner of a small bathroom, or do you want the biggest and most high powered model you can get?
  • Budget: as well as considering what your overall budget is, it is also worthwhile thinking about which features you are willing to pay a bit more for, and which features you do not consider to be worth the money.
  • Noise: some dehumidifiers can make a rattling or vibrating sound, whilst others are especially designed to be nearly silent.
  • Frequency of water changes: large capacity dehumidifiers may only need to be emptied once a week, whilst smaller devices can require daily emptying.
  • Position: do you wish to place your dehumidifier high up on the wall, or are you happy with a free standing model on the floor?

What is the best way to install and use your dehumidifier

There are two key things that any dehumidifier owner needs to pay attention to in order to use their dehumidifying device successfully. The first thing that you will need to do is to find the optimum position for your dehumidifier.

This device should ideally be placed in the most humid room of the house, which is usually the bathroom (though kitchens can also get pretty humid, so you could also purchase a second dehumidifier for the cooking area too). Dehumidifying the most humid room in the house will reduce humidity throughout the whole building.

The dehumidifier ought to be centrally placed – no placing it right in the corner where the walls meet the ceiling – so that air can circulate as freely as possible around it.

If it comes with a hose, the hose ought to be positioned so that it has no kinks in. In addition, the dehumidifier must be kept away from sources of dust, because these can clog it up and impede its workings.

The second consideration to bear in mind is that you must check up on your dehumidifier and empty its water collection tank promptly. When the tank is full, or nearly full, the dehumidifier will not be able to work properly. The water that has been collected can be recycled to water your house or garden plants or to wash your car with, though it is not fit for human consumption.​


All of these dehumidifiers are reliable devices for your bathroom, but the clear winner has to be the Inventor 12L Portable Dehumidifier. Not only can you use this device in any room, you can take it on holiday too. It runs very quietly and (most importantly of all) is able to remove large amounts of moisture from the air without taking up too much space.


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