EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier Review

Reviewed Dehumidifier: EcoAir D12





Overall Rating


  • The product is very economical when it comes to operational costs.
  • Best suited to smaller properties
  • Prevents mould from invading furniture
  • Uses less power than similar machines


  • Heavy – Emptying the tank may be difficult when full
  • Quite a few directions for use not a simple plug and play.
  • Some may find the noise of the unit to be an issue 

Overall this is not a bad unit it’s cheeper to run than some of the larger units out there and for a smaller property you can’t look to go to far wrong with the EcoAir DC12. If you want to find out more click below.


The Eco Air DC12 Compact is a Portable Dehumidifier and one of the new additions to Eco Air’s refrigerant dehumidifier range. This compact unit is smaller compared to the Eco Air DC202 and that is the reason I went for the DC12. Trusting they saddled the quality and performance in a substantially small and more economical package. So despite the fact that the Eco Air DC12 is smaller than the previous models, the DC12 is spot on when it comes to performance.

Things to consider before buying Eco Air DC 12

Signs You Might Need a Dehumidifier?

  • Condensation on the inside glass, water beading on a window or the nearness of what resembles a mist or vapor on the glass are common signs that there is excessive dampness in the room.
  • Mould Spots in Corners of Walls or on Ceiling.
  • An Odor or Musty Smell.
  • If that spring ground water run-off has turned into a repeating issue or you have bought a home that has white or grayish water level stamps in the basement..
  • Things to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier

  • Extraction rate – A dehumidifier should collect more atmospheric water
  • Energy efficient – Dehumidifier should be energy efficient, the more energy efficient the device is, the lower the running cost.
  • Noise factor – Dehumidifiers have fans that produce noise when running. Generally, you will want to keep things quite in your home; however, the type of compressor in your device will determine how tolerable the noise levels will be.
  • Water disposal method – the capacity of the dehumidifier or does it have a hose feed?

Presentation of the Product

The Eco Air DC 12 is a unit that is designed to control the amount of humidity in your house. It extracts a maximum amount of 12 liters per day. When purchasing it, you get the assurance of how unique it is when it comes to controlling, flexibility and its performance.

The device comes with a standard of 2 years warranty. It is one of the best dehumidifiers on the market, for it works best at high temperature and humidity as compared to the manually controlled devices used in the past like Dimplex, Ebac, and Meaco dehumidifiers.

This product is not for those with respiratory problems and allergies, in that instance I would recommend you to use EcoAir DC12 MK5 Desiccant Dehumidifier which contains a silver nano and an anti-bacterial filter together with an ionizer.It’s clear that the pros of the product are numerous than its cons.


  • The product is more suitable for those individuals living in 2-3 bedroom flats.
  • The product is very economical when it comes to operating it.
  • Saves on energy.
  • Prevents molds from invading furniture
  • Reduces humidity.
  • Uses less amount of power.


  • The noise may be irritating to some individuals.
  • It may be difficult to use due to the number of instructions which are needed to be followed.
  • It’s heavy; one may find it hard to empty when the tank is full.

There is something that should be noted for those who are using this product for the first time. The machine should be run on high setting during the first few days or even weeks; this is according to how wet the area is. This should be done before running the dehumidifier on its normal setting.

How the Features Of The Product Are Beneficial

Weight and size of the Eco Air DC 12 DehumidifierThe weight and size of the device make it stable and portable. You can move it from one place to another.

It also contains plastics and has a tactile nature of the front –mounted light touch membrane digit controls which give the device the ability to provide quality air.

The water tank is also at the bottom of the device with water level window to enable you to see when it’s full. This window is very clear and should always be cleaned too so as to be able to see the level of the water.

The tank has two tank grips which make it easier to empty it.

It has a refrigerant and inside the refrigerant is a compressor pump. The pump is used in cooling the water condenser plates. The feature is helpful to my problem since this is what absorbs the water from the air.

At the back, there is an air inlet which performs the function of damping air into the compressor for processing. It’s good to note that this filter only helps in dust and dirt filtering, unlike the other units. This may be very appropriate for a majority of people because you can easily remove it and clean using the vacuum cleaner.

Air Filter

On the filter are two press clips which enhance a faster removal of the filter. The filter has to be cleaned after a range of about two weeks or whenever the lights are on. To determine when the filter should be cleaned, the filter light will turn on. To remove the filter, you have to press the two buttons then you can now pull the screen. The filter should be cleaned with only warm water containing soap. The screen should be left dry before replacing it. When installing, you just put the filter back into the dehumidifier. Dishwashers are not supposed to be used when cleaning the filter. The filter has the function of absorbing all dirt from the dehumidifier, and this ensures that fresh water is collected.

Cleaning the device often will make it last longer, and it also means that you will not have to buy another one very soon.

The Tank

The tank of the EcoAir DC 12 grasps 3.5litres of grey water. When cleaning the tank, you have to fill the tank with fresh water and some detergent.To remove the tank so as to pour out the water, you slide the tank into the dehumidifier. Then you swish it in the reservoir and finally empty and rinse the tank. This is to prevent any molds, bacteria, and mildew from growing. This makes the tank beneficial when it comes to domestic purposes. The tank has a single in/out hole.

Control Panel

It serves multiple functions.It helps with the excess damp, helps with the condensation issues and also dries your washing.

With this numerous features, it may bite difficult to use it, but the fact remains that the control panel is very intuitive. It’s designed in a way that it gives very helpful feature which a majority of its competitors do not provide at all. The panel has four membrane buttons at the top and two membrane buttons located at the bottom. The LCD screen is placed between them.

Humidity Controls

These are two buttons that border the LCD screen which will help you as you control the humidity of the dehumidifier.

The two buttons allow you to choose the percentage of humidity in 5% boundaries. This feature is fantastic since you can set the dehumidifier so that you have to operate at your own time. The running costs are also reduced by this feature. The unit saves your money in that; you select the humidity level which prevents the unit running for an extended period. The LCD is there to show the humidity level at which the machine is trying to reach.

Fan speed

It has the high and low setting speed. The high speed enables the machine to run very fast to increase the extraction of moisture and this is the moment you will hear the engine being very noisy. This noise is however favorable to some people since they don’t find it to be irritating at all.


The device has two timer settings, that is, 2 and 4 hours only. Some manufacturer says that it takes4 hours to dry wash and this is what the timer is meant to do. The timer is flexible since you can relax and carry out your activities as the device operate.

Power Button

On top of the power button are two lights of indication. The first is the one that illuminates when the machine is switched on while the second is that of the tank full light. When the “tank is full,” the device automatically goes off.

Filter Reset

This machine detects when the filter is clean and when a filter is inserted. Above the button, there is an indication for cleaning the filter. When the filter needs cleaning, this button will glow, and when you press the restart button, the light goes off.

Proofs on the Effectiveness Of The Product

The customers were pleased with the product and left each one of them appreciating and explaining about how much the product had been of help to them. The product saved a number of them when it came to the reduction of humidity and the power to eliminate the molds. The product has also received a rating of 4.5/5 from the views on Amazon.

Other Alternatives Different From the Product

The Delonghi dehumidifier mainly works well in high temperatures and humidity. It’s a refrigerant device unlike the Eco Air DC 12 which has a multiple of activities due to its numerous features. It’s also different from the primary product in that; it can only extract a capacity of 10 to 16 liters. It’s also smaller than the primary device. It is recommended for those with small sized homes since it doesn’t require a larger space like the main product and also unlike the primary product that needs bit bigger rooms. Unlike the primary product, this product offers desiccant dehumidifiers which can easily work in the cold areas.

This is the simple dehumidifier it differs from the main product reviewed in that; it holds a capacity of ten to twenty liters. It’s also a very flexible device than the rest because this one can be used by everyone. It’s suitable for those with both big and small homes. This device too has a range called Forte and another range similar to Argos. The Dimplex enables the Dimplex DXDHC10, a dehumidifier that’s needed for small rooms and also for spaces such as those of a caravan. This device also lacks the humidistat that enables the dehumidifier to turn itself on and off.

This dehumidifier has some dehumidifiers in which you can also decide on. It’s important to be careful buying this type of humidifier. This one is a bit costly compared to the reviewed dehumidifier because of the fan settings that require a little more cost. Unlike the reviewed product too, this device is favorable for both the small and medium sized homes. The smart control technology is there to replace the normal humidistat in such a way that it monitors the temperatures and humidity.

Comparison• EbacA bit expensiveMonitors temperatures.Holds 12litre.Suitable for larger and smaller homes.• DimplexHolds a capacity of 10 to 20litres.Suitable for smaller homes.Doesn’t have a humidistat.• Eco Air DC 12Holds capacity of 12 liters.Pulls more water from the air.Cheap.From the above features, it’s easy for you to choose the one which you find suitable for your conditions. It’s thus important to critically see their differences before purchasing one.

Should I Buy the EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier?

This is a great unit at a reasonable price point and with a decent warranty available you will be hard pressed to find a better product on the market today. 

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The product enables you to avoid having problems during winter regarding facing high humidity, the problem with molds, and a device you can use when living in a bigger house so as to control the amount of moisture coming into your place. This product is the best because it enables you to fetch about 12 liters of water a week which shows a significant difference compared to not having the device at all. The product also keeps the room dry for long especially after showering and also after washing. To view more about this product, click here:


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